Rink Location

Pickwick Ice Arena
1001 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, California 91506


Rink Setup

Pickwick is an NHL sized rink (200′ x 85′ with rounded corners.) The showcase background will be installed across the short axis of the arena approximately 20′ from the end, reducing the actual performance size to approximately 180′ x 85′. The warm-up/performance surfaces will be laid out according to the rink diagram below (not to scale.) The glass will be removed from the audience side of the ice. Skaters will enter the ice from behind the Showcase backdrop on the far end, and exit through the same opening. Plan your program accordingly.

Unsecured locker rooms will be available. There is a snack bar in the rink, and another in the adjacent Pickwick Lanes Bowling Alley, both of which will be open during the competition.

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