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The popularity of adult figure skating has grown exponentially in the past decade; Los Angeles, in particular, is a hotbed for skating adults. Whether you skated as a child and want to pick it back up, or you’ve just laced up for the first time and already can’t get enough, LAFSC is home to a vibrant community of likeminded, grown-up, skating addicts.

Our adult skaters range in age from their early 20s well into their 70s. Some are recreational skaters and others national champions.  No matter where you fit in that spectrum, you’re welcome to join us!

                 OUR ADULT NATIONAL CHAMPIONS  (click video to start)

The Los Angeles Figure Skating Club’s Adult National Champions.

Getting Started – Adult Basic Skills Program

The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program offers an introductory skating curriculum for the adult who has never skated. It is divided into four levels in which beginner adult skaters will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated. The curriculum is designed specifically to teach the adult skater the basic elements of forward, backward, turns and stops before advancing to more challenging skating moves. This is an exciting program for those who look to skating as an enjoyable recreational activity to stay fit and healthy.

LAFSC Member Ashley Roche
LAFSC Adult Sectionals Gold Medalist


For those interested in challenging themselves to improve their skills, the USFSA offers proficiency tests for all levels. Each level has specific requirements that a skater must perform in front of a panel of qualified judges. Adults can choose to test in the adult testing structure or the standard track testing structure; either structure allows the adult skater to participate in adult competitions and events. There are two divisions in adult skating: adults and adult masters. Adult skaters who have passed standard track tests of intermediate free skate or higher are considered adult masters-level skaters.

The adult skating test structure is broken down into four levels: pre-bronze, bronze, silver and gold. The standard track test structure is comprised of eight levels ranging from pre-preliminary to senior. LAFSC supports offers frequent tests (at bot the standard and adult levels) in the following areas:

  • Moves in the field (MIF)
  • Pairs
  • Free skate (FS)
  • Figures
  • Dance: solo, compulsory and free dance

Click here for the most up-to-date information on LAFSC tests and dates.


Adults interested in all-adult competitions will find no shortage of events to enter in and around Southern California. In addition to several popular nonqualifying events held throughout the year, LAFSC adults are perennial participants in – and medalists at – the Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals and U.S. Adult Championships (nationals.) Several opportunities also exist for adults to compete internationally.

Adult Production team The Tribe performs Hair on Ice

Adult skating competitions divide competitors by age and test level, and most offer free skate events, as well as interpretive, dance, pairs, compulsory moves, jump/spin contests and dance events.

USFSA Standard Track to Adult Track Equivalencies (pdf)

Adult Production Group

Many LAFSC members also participate in the adult production team called The Tribe. Tribe members include adult national competitors, coaches, former ice show performers, and beginners. The group competes or performs exhibition numbers at several competitions and shows throughout the year.

Adults Only Freestyle Sessions

Los Angeles area skating rinks are very welcoming to adult skaters. Pickwick, our home rink, offers 18+ freestyle sessions M-F from 12:10-1:10pm. Several other rinks in the area also offer adult-only sessions.

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