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IJS Protocol Submission For Test Credit Reminder- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS- Friday, Saturday & Sunday -6/21-22-23 –

Are you competing @ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS This Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

“Skating up” at a Qualifying Level, Juvenile-Senior?

IF you’d like to use your competition IJS Protocol instead of testing your FREE SKATE at a test session, be sure to stop at the competition registration desk and ask for ‘ISJ Protocol Test Credit’ BEFORE you compete.

*Any questions please contact Kim Borzilleri at 724-601-9709 *    GO TEAM LAFSC!

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TEST SESSION Valencia Saturday, June 29th -Tentative Schedule-

Warmup 12:00 PM
1 Paul Abdou MITF – Junior 12:05 PM
2 Alba Correa MITF – Intermed 12:13 PM
3 Alyssa Espino MITF – Pre-Juv 12:21 PM
4 Shelby Bloze FS – Senior 12:29 PM
5 Katrina Hou FS – Pre-Juvenile 12:34 PM
Warmup 12:36 PM
6 Avery O’Brien FS – PrePre (NO Music) 12:41 PM
7 Caitlin Williams MITF – Prelim 12:41 PM
8 Sophia Barlo MITF – Prelim 12:41 PM
9 Alie St John MITF – Prelim 12:41 PM
10 Alyssa Espino FS – PrePre (NO Music) 12:49 PM
11 Amara Dhinsa MITF – Pre-Prelim 12:49 PM
12 Sophia-Laurel Joerg MITF – Pre-Prelim 12:49 PM
13 Devyn Stone MITF – Pre-Prelim 12:49 PM
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LA Open Entry Deadline Extended

The registration deadline for LA Open 2019 has been extended to Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 11:59 pm. The late registration deadline has been extended to June 17, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

As a reminder, you must enter for LA Open via the USFS EMS system. If you run into any problems, please click on the support link for assistance. You can also contact Vicki Busch at

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LA Open Entries – EMS System

There have been some reported challenges with using the EMS system for LA Open entries. Please note, if you are having issues entering or locating your events, please click on the link for Product Support ( to get help. Also note, if you have already registered and need to add additional events, you will need to use the support link or contact the registrar ( to update your events.

I apologize for any inconveniences you may be experiencing.

Vicki Busch, Registrar

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