Warm-up 06:20 AM
Mimika Endo Solo Rocker Foxtrot 06:24 AM
Mimika Endo Solo American Waltz 06:27 AM
Samir Mallya Solo American Waltz 06:29 AM
Goku Endo Solo Rocker Foxtrot 06:31 AM
Goku Endo Solo American Waltz 06:34 AM
Samir Mallya Solo Killian 06:36 AM
Samir Mallya Solo Blues 06:39 AM
Savannah Stroyke Solo Killian 06:42 AM
Savannah Stroyke Solo Blues 06:45 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo Hickory Hoedown 06:48 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo Willow Waltz 06:51 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo Ten Fox 06:54 AM
Alexandria Schmainda Solo American Waltz 06:57 AM
Alexandria Schmainda Solo Rocker Foxtrot 07:00 AM
Warm-up 07:03 AM
Nanami Endo Solo 14 Step 07:08 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo 14 Step 07:08 AM
Nanami Endo Solo Foxtrot 07:10 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo Foxtrot 07:10 AM
Nanami Endo Solo European Waltz 07:13 AM
Jacqueline Lee Solo European Waltz 07:13 AM
Warm-up 07:15 AM
Starr Andrews Dutch Waltz 07:19 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Dutch Waltz 07:19 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Dutch Waltz 07:21 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Dutch Waltz 07:21 AM
Starr Andrews Canasta Tango 07:23 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Canasta Tango 07:23 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Canasta Tango 07:25 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Canasta Tango 07:25 AM
Starr Andrews Rhythm Blues 07:27 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Rhythm Blues 07:27 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Rhythm Blues 07:29 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Rhythm Blues 07:29 AM
Warm-up 07:31 AM
Starr Andrews Swing Dance 07:36 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Swing Dance 07:36 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Swing Dance 07:38 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Swing Dance 07:38 AM
Starr Andrews Cha Cha 07:40 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Cha Cha 07:40 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Cha Cha 07:42 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Cha Cha 07:42 AM
Starr Andrews Fiesta Tango 07:44 AM
Hannah Kim Solo Fiesta Tango 07:44 AM
Rebecca Kim Solo Fiesta Tango 07:46 AM
Lauren Teng Solo Fiesta Tango 07:46 AM
Warm-up 07:48 AM
Lana Zuccala 14 Step 07:53 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Viennese Waltz 07:55 AM
Lana Zuccala European Waltz 07:58 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Westminster Waltz 08:00 AM
Lana Zuccala Foxtrot 08:03 AM
Warm-up 08:06 AM
Savanna Keyes Preliminary MIF 08:11 AM
Charlotte Moo Pre-Juvenile MIF 08:19 AM
Charisse Ng Pre-Juvenile MIF 08:27 AM
Sydney Park Juvenile MIF 08:35 AM
Lana Rocker Juvenile MIF 08:43 AM
Warm-up 08:51 AM
Mikah Tong Intermediate MIF 08:56 AM
Kamakana Kupau Junior MIF 09:04 AM
Raquel Gastelum Senior MIF 09:12 AM
Hannah Kim Senior MIF 09:20 AM
Warm-up 09:28 AM
Hailey Choi Pre-Preliminary FS 09:33 AM
Savanna Keyes Pre-Preliminary FS 09:33 AM
Felicity Yu Pre-Preliminary FS 09:33 AM
Kamakana Kupau Pre-Juvenile FS 09:36 AM
Ava Rocker Pre-Juvenile FS 09:39 AM
Maya Noda Juvenile FS 09:42 AM
Kamakana Kupau Juvenile FS 09:45 AM

2 Responses

  1. Cassandra Shearin says:

    My daughter CASSANDRA SHEARIN wants to do her Dance test at Simi ICEOPLEX, she needs her home club (LAFSC) to sign off on the application or provide a permission letter to do the testing there. She is skating as Simi for convenience and they are hosting the Dance Testing next month. Where can I send the document whether by attachment or fax to get permission letter, signature etc.?

    Please advise, we need to make the appointment/time ASAP.

    Thank youi!

    I have tried 10x to get through on the contact from the lafsc.org site. Can you help me please get this to the right people?

    • buschvlafsc says:

      Hi Cassandra, I apologize for the headache. We are trying to deal with some issues with the website and the old host. The switch has taken more effort than we anticipated. Carla will be in touch with you soon.

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