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We are very pleased to announce the newest LAFSC dance partnership of two of longtime LAFSC members! Let’s give a round of applause and cheers for Karolina Calhoun and Logan Leonesio who teamed up this past April and will be competing on behalf of Brazil this season. In fact, Karolina & Logan will be the very first couple to represent Brazil internationally in Ice Dance.

They have been awarded two Junior Grand Prix events this season. One in St. Gervais, France from August 24-28, 2016 and the second one will be held in Yokohama, Japan from September 7-11, 2016. GO KAROLINA & LOGAN!

Karolina & Logan made their competition debut at the Lake Placid Ice Dance International Championships which was held July 27-30, 2016. Their goal this year is to qualify for the Junior World Championships in Taipei in March 2017. At the Lake Placid competition, they did qualify for Junior Worlds with the minimum techcnial score required in the Free Dance portion of their competition. They were also very close in the Short Dance and hope to reach that final qualifying technical score requirement in either their France or Japan competitions, which would then allow them to compete at Junior Worlds next March.

As many of you may remember, Karolina was the U.S. Juvenile Ladies Champion in 2013 representing the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club. Logan has been competing at the national level in dance for past six seasons and has competed at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in dance on several occasions the past few years at the Juvenile, Intermediate and Novice levels representing LAFSC. After injury prevented Karolina from continuing with her singles career, she made the transition to dance with the help of Logan and they have begun competiting together at the Junior level.

Let’s all send them our very best wishes for a very successful and rewarding dance partnership. They are both wonderful people and have always been great representatives of our club, and it’s indeed very rewarding to see them embark on this new and exciting opportunity. GO KAROLINA & LOGAN. WE’RE ROOTING FOR ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!

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