The 2016 California Championships have concluded. Attached are the complete final results:


Congratulations to all the skaters who competed and best wishes for a very successful 2016-2017 season from the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club! Special congratulations to Olivia Serafini (SKNY) who won the Virginia Vale Trophy for the most outstanding performance of the 2016 California Championships!


We would like to extend our thanks to Chief Referee, Julie Keen, to all our officials (Katie Beriau, Joan Bys, Laura Chinnock, Tom Clark, Heather Correa, Bob Davis, Lauren Day, Kathleen Doramus, Dawn Eyerly, Julie Gidlow, Dee Goldstein, Carla Golubski, Naomi Grabow-Strebel, Stephen Kawalko, Bryan Keller, Kathleen Krieger, Carylyn Landt, Denise Moore, Yuu Ohno, Christopher Pottenger, Ouida Robins, Ashley Roche, Mary Lou Rothman, Russ Scott, Elda Stilwell, Morry Stillwell, William Tran, Darian Weiss & Suzie Whitehead), to our 1st time Competition Chair, Mia Fendi (who did an outstanding job), and to our Hospitality Chair, Kim Borzilleri for all their committed and excellent team work which resulted in another successful competition. You all rock!

We would also like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to all our outstanding volunteers who stepped up when asked and generously volunteered their time to fill the various positions where we needed help, and for their kind donations to hospitality to ensure that our competition ran smoothly and that our officials and coaches were comfortable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! LAFSC is the best!

A very special thanks to Danny Kwan and the East West Ice Palace staff for allowing us to use their stellar facility and for their willingness to help us put on another successful competition! Thank you!

Thank you


We’ll see you next month at LAFSC Showcase!




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