The 2016 Pacific Coast Sectionals hosted by our club has concluded. It was a great competition! We saw some great skating and several of our skaters shined! The following are the results of our skaters.

We would like to extend special congratulations to the following LAFSC Gold Medalists at the 2016 Pacific Coast Sectionals:

Jasmine & Joshua Fendi – Intermediate Pairs
David-Alexandre Paradis – Junior Pairs
Eric Sjoberg – Novice Men
Erin & Eric Song – Juvenile Pairs

Heading on to the 2016 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota:

Presenting the 2016 LAFSC U.S. National Figure Skating Championship Team Members:

Paolo Borromeo – Junior Men (Bronze Medalist)
Marina Capatina – Novice Ladies (Bronze Medalist)
Jasmine Fendi – Intermediate Pairs – (Gold Medalist)
Joshua Fendi – Intermediate Pairs (Gold Medalist); Intermediate Men (Pewter Medalist)
Isabella Gamez – Novice Pairs (Silver Medalist)
Robert Hennings – Novice Pairs (Bronze Medalist)
YuanShi Jin – Novice Dance (Pewter Medalist)
Ella-Grace Judd – Juvenile Pairs (Pewter Medalist)
Taylor Nordquist – Juvenile Pairs (Pewter Medalist)
Shotaro Omori – Senior Men (Silver Medalist)
David-Alexandre Paradis – Junior Pairs (Gold Medalist)
Baltazar Poling – Juvenile Boys (Silver Medalist)
AJ Reiss – Senior Pairs (Bye to Nationals)
Eric Sjoberg – Novice Men (Gold Medalist)
Erin Song – Juvenile Pairs – (Gold Medalist)
Eric Song – Juvenile Pairs – (Gold Medalist)
Elizaveta Usmantseva – Senior Pairs (Bye to Nationals)

Congratulations to all the skaters and a big thanks to the all the LOC members and the event Chairs, Bob and Joann Davis, Darin Mathewson and the Pickwick Ice Center and its great staff, the officials who donated their time and expertise, and all the fantastic volunteers who came out in droves to help put on another well run and well received competition. How great it is to be a part of a family who works together to ensure that the competitors have their moments to step up and shine without distraction and have a great time doing what they love to do! It’s all in the details. GO TEAM LAFSC

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