2015CelebrationBooklet1We are very gratified at the awesome turnout today for OUR Club Celebration. We say “our” because this is “our” club. This is the place where were celebrate and deeply value all our members from our Olympians and World Champions to our newest members learning their swizzles with dreams of one day competing on the national and international stage. Each and every member is an integral and important part of our club. You all really do matter to us!

It’s been such a pleasure and honor for these past 11 years coordinating and planning the party and trying to give everyone a sense of camaraderie and to demonstrably re-affirm our club’s commitment to serving the needs or our members to the best of our ability, and to exercise my crafting skills.


Attached is our tribute to our skaters over the past year and their achievements. Special thanks to editor extraordinaire Sharidan Williams-Sotelo (2015 Adult FS Gold Medalist) for editing this for us!

2015LAFSC_RecognitionFinal from SkaterVideos on Vimeo.

We had some fun today. We had the opportunity to celebrate together the deep well spring of talent and achievements of our members! It is a honor to be amongst all of you! Till next year! In the meantime, let’s remember to cheer loudly and send our best wishes for all our fellow skaters as they begin their competitive season next week! GO TEAM LAFSC!

Special Congratulations to our special Award recipients this year:

GARY CORREA – LAFSC Volunteer of the Year Award

MISHA GE – Christopher Bowman – Showman of the Year Award.

Congratulations guys on your well earned accolades!

Also, please join us in congratulating our newest National Champion! Kelly Van Boxtel, who just won the Novice Shadow Dance event at the 2015 U.S. National Solo Dance Series Final! Yay Kelly!!!

For those of you wanting to order pictures from the party, you will be receiving an email shortly with details on ordering them!

Cheers to all! Mike Cruz.

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