The 41st Annual LAFSC Showcase For Skaters was held this weekend, and we were treated to some very special and entertaining performances! It was a fantastic warm up event for our hosting of National Showcase 2014! We are looking forward to another stellar event with great skating and fun for all. Mark your calendars: August 8-10, 2014 at Pickwick Ice Center. It may be sizzling outside at that time of year, but our competitors will be bringing their own brand of sizzle and star power to the ice arena. Please don’t miss it!

A BIG congratulations to Darian Weiss (LAFSC) who won this year’s Funakoshi Trophy! Great job Darian. Your creativity abounds! Runner up to Darian this year for the Funkoshi Trophy was Patrick Leahy (LAFSC). Congratulations Patrick! Both Darian and Patrick have in previous years been recipients of the LAFSC Bowman Trophy (Showman of the Year) for the most outstanding and entertaining male performer for the season. Darian and Patrick certainly put those mad performance skills to great use this year!

Reskate Results Follow:

Funakoshi Reskates – Final Standings
1 Darian Weiss, Los Angeles FSC
2 Patrick Leahy, Los Angeles FSC
3 Elizabeth Addas, All Year FSC
4 Altice Sollazo, All Year FSC

Angela Easton Reskates – Final Standings
1 Rachel Reynolds, Los Angeles FSC
2 Amanda Blackwell, Channel Islands FSC
3 Katharine Lincoln, Los Angeles FSC
4-TIE Sharidan Williams-Sotelo, Los Angeles FSC
4-TIE Laura Byrnes, Los Angeles FSC

Babilonia Reskates – Final Standings
1 Culver Ice Productions, All Year FSC
2 Pacific Edge, All Year FSC
3 Winter Song, All Year FSC
4 The Stepsisters, All Year FSC

Ritter Reskates – Final Standings
1 Elizabeth Addas, All Year FSC
2 Shelby Little, Los Angeles FSC
3 Rachel Reynolds, Los Angeles FSC
4 Katie Miles, Los Angeles FSC

Complete Results:


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