Attached is the 2014 LA Open Championships Announcement:

“The deadline for LA Open has been extended to Friday, June 20, 2014. We will NOT be accepting entries after that date. Please make sure that you have renewed your membership for 2014/2015. Your membership must be current in order to compete.”


“Please note the change to the Pre-Juvenile Free Skate. It should read: “Shall be in accordance with Rule 4250 of the current Rulebook.”

Please note revision regarding Dolphin/Shark (No Test Level 2) FS regarding spins: Spins: Max. 2 spins: Two upright spins, change of foot optional, no flying entry (Min. 3 revolutions.)

“Please take note of the following change to the LA Open competition. We will not be offering the regular dance events. Only the National Solo Dance events. If you will be participating in both the National Solo Dance series AND another event, please contact the registrar after you’ve entered.

If you are planning to participate in the National Solo Dance or the Icemen Series, you MUST HAVE registered with US Figure Skating prior to skating at LA Open in order for any points to be counted.
Registration is through Entryeeze at the following link:

<a href="; Entryeeze Link for LA OPEN LA OPEN Entryeeze Registration Link

Skate well!”

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  1. Bin says:

    hi, will it be qualification round for Juvenile Girls
    or just Final Round?
    We are out of town and need to plan the travelling(hotel and flight), is it possible to know the tentative date for the Juvenile Girls competition?
    Thanks a lot

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