Warm-up 09:00 AM
Irene Lee Pre-Preliminary MIF 09:05 AM
Karen Lee Preliminary MIF 09:05 AM
Nikita Chesna Juvenile MIF 09:13 AM
Madeline May Juvenile MIF 09:23 AM
Catherine Kim Intermediate MIF 09:33 AM
Warm-up 09:43 AM
Sabrina Cobarrubio Intermediate MIF 09:48 AM
Jasmine Fendi Novice MIF 09:58 AM
Joshua Fendi Novice MIF 10:08 AM
Warm-up 10:18 AM
Jackie Lin Novice MIF 10:23 AM
Sarah Baetge Novice MIF 10:33 AM
Kelly Van Boxtel Novice MIF 10:43 AM
Warm-up 10:53 AM
Kayla Kim Pre-Preliminary FS 10:58 AM
Irene Lee Pre-Preliminary FS 10:58 AM
Savannah Lopez Pre-Preliminary FS 10:58 AM
Caroline Teele Preliminary FS 11:01 AM
Catherine Kim Pre-Juvenile FS 11:03 AM
Eileen Kim Pre-Juvenile FS 11:06 AM
Warm-up 11:09 AM
Savannah Lopez Preliminary FS 11:14 AM
Nikita Chesna Juvenile FS 11:16 AM
Cecilia & William Wright Intermediate Pairs 11:19 AM
Cheyenne Taylor Junior FS 11:22 AM
Warm-up 11:26 AM
Kayla Fukui Solo Dutch Waltz 11:31 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Dutch Waltz 11:33 AM
Kayla Fukui Solo Canasta Tango 11:35 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Canasta Tango 11:37 AM
Kayla Fukui Solo Rhythm Blues 11:39 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Rhythm Blues 11:41 AM
Warm-up 11:43 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Swing Dance 11:48 AM
Audrey Hoang Solo American Waltz 11:50 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Cha Cha 11:53 AM
Audrey Hoang Solo Tango 11:55 AM
Chelsey Wang Solo Fiesta Tango 11:58 AM
Audrey Hoang Solo Rocker Foxtrot 12:00 PM

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi Can u tell me the next test session in EWIP so that I can arrange my schedule, thanks!

  2. Amy hong says:

    I would like to know after March 9, when will be the next test session at ewip?

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi When is the next test session for April at EWIP rink? I need to schedule a Preliminary moves test ASAP

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