At the end of day 4 of the 2013 SWP Regionals LAFSC skaters continued to shine brightly!

The day began early with Juvenile Ladies. LAFSC's Ella Ales skated a very strong program and came home with the bronze medal! Congratulations Ella! In fourth and fifth place respectively were Karolina Calhoun and Marykate Abad. Bria Yanez finished in eighth place, and Chelsey Wang finished the event in twelfth place.

In Intermediate Ladies Isabella Smit came home with the gold medal, and stood atop the podium. Isabella won both segments of this event! Congratulations Isabella! Tessa Hong finished the event in sixth place, Selina Pan finished in tenth place, and Raffaella Koncius finished in twelfth place.

In Novice Ladies Cheyenne Taylor came home with the bronze medal. Congratulations Cheyenne! Heidi Han finished in sixth place, Jasmine Jafarkhani finished in ninth place, and Nadine Orellana finished in eleventh.

In the Junior Ladies event two LAFSC skaters stop atop the podium. Amanda Gelb won both segments of the event and took home the gold! Congratulations Amanda! Awesome job! Lauren Campbell earned the silver medal for her efforts! Congratulations Lauren! Brenda Ji finished the event in fifth place, Catherine Geise finished in 10th place, and Sami McCain finished in twelfth place.

Congratulations to all our skaters! You represented yourselves and our club well.

Good luck to our skaters progressing to the 2013 Pacific Coast Sectionals, November 9-13, 2012 in Provo, Utah: Ella Ales and Karolina Calhoun in Juvenile Girls; Aaron Hai and Joshua Fendi in Juvenile Boys; Isabella Smit in Intermediate Ladies; Cheyenne Taylor in Novice Ladies; Daniel Samohin, Paolo Borromeo, Sahmaro Rockhold & Darian Weiss in Novice Men; Amanda Gelb & Lauren Campbell in Junior Ladies; Kevin Leahy, Spencer Howe and Shotaro Omori in Junior Men. Completing Team LAFSC at Sectionals will be our Pairs & Dance Teams: Don Baldwin in Senior Pairs; Jasmine & Joshua Fendi in Juvenile Pairs; Robert Hennings and Elise Middleton in Novice Pairs; Emily Day and Patrick Leahy in Junior Dance; Lauren Leonesio in Novice Dance; Logan Leonesio in Intermediate Dance; Alexis Middleton in Intermediate Dance; Yura Min in Junior Dance; Devin Perini in Junior Pairs; Dustin Perini in Novice Dance and AJ Reiss in Junior Pairs.


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