Congratulations to all our LAFSC skaters who performed well at the Golden West Championships this weekend! Team LAFSC is warming up for a great showing at the 2013 SWP Regional Championships in Arizona. Keep up the good work! We’re all cheering on your efforts! Go TEAM LAFSC!

Our skaters placed first in a number of events. Special shout outs to: Don Baldwin, Daphne Bogosian, Karolina Calhoun, Othniel Chan, Jasmine & Joshua Fendi, Elise Middleton & Robert Hennings, Matthew O’Neill, and Isabella Smit who brought home gold medals for their efforts this weekend!

Results of LAFSC Skaters:
 Senior Ladies Final

5 Amanda Sunyoto
WD Sina Choe
WD Katarina Kulgeyko

Senior Ladies SP
4 Katarina Kulgeyko
6 Amanda Sunyoto
WD Sina Choe

Senior Pairs Final Standings
1 Don Baldwin w/ Tiffany Vise (Coyotes)

 Junior Ladies Final

5 Lauren Campbell
11 Brenda Ji
13 Catherine Giese
WD Samantha McCain

Junior Ladies SP

7 Lauren Campbell
13 Brenda Ji
WD Samantha McCain

Junior Men Final

2 Shotaro Omori
4 Daniel Samohin

Junior Men SP

2 Shotaro Omori
4 Daniel Samohin

Novice Ladies – FINAL

5 Jasmine Jafarkhani

 Novice Ladies- SP
results not available

 Novice Ladies – Group A QR

12 Nadine Orellana
13 Mackenzie Stumpf

 Novice Ladies – Group B QR

6 Jasmine Jafarkhani
8 Brigitte Gong

Novice Men Final

1 Othniel Chan
2 Sahmoro Rockhold
5 Darian Weiss

Novice Men – SP

1Othniel Chan
2 Sahmoro Rockhold
3 Darian Weiss

Novice Pairs – Final Standings

1 Elise Middleton / Robert Hennings  (1st SP, 1st LP)
WD Shayna Rothenberg / Chadwick Phillips

Intermediate Ladies – FINAL

3 Isabella Smit
13 Lauren Mendonsa

Intermediate Ladies – FINAL – Short Program

2 Isabella Smit
14 Lauren Mendonsa

Intermediate Ladies – Group A QR

6 Selina Pan
7 Tessa Hong
13 Priscilla Ning

 Intermediate Ladies – Group B QR

WD Maya Mendonsa

 Intermediate Ladies – Group C QR

1 Isabella Smit
3 Lauren Mendonsa
6 Raffaella Koncius
WD Rylie Tanoura

Juvenile Girls – FINAL

2 Karolina Calhoun
3 Ella Ales
4 Marykate Abad
12 Chelsey Wang

Juvenile Girls – Group A QR

2 Marykate Abad
10 Bria Yanez
11 Kassidy Ordish
13 Chandler Kyle
14 Hoang-Vi Vu

Juvenile Girls – Group B QR

5 Chelsey Wang

Juvenile Girls – Group C QR

1 Karolina Calhoun
4 Ella Ales

Open Juvenile Girls

1 Daphne Bogosian
5 Shelby Little

Juvenile Boys

3 Aaron Hai

Juvenile Pairs

1 Jasmine Fendi / Joshua Fendi

Pre-Juvenile Girls – Final

11 Yuuka Hirano,Los AngelesFSC

 Pre-Juvenile Girls – Group A QR

9 Alexis Gonzalez

 Pre-Juvenile Girls – Group B QR

3 Yuuka Hirano
7 Milena Markin

 Preliminary Girls

4 Toni Miano
6 Lily Bennitt
9 Jasmine Fendi

 Preliminary Boys

2 Jacksen Goodley

 Pre-Preliminary Girls

5 MacyDenison,
8 Astor Wu
13 Kennedy Ordish
14 Koko Hirano

 Pre-Preliminary Boys

1 Matthew O’Neill

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