New US Figure Skating Program For Male Skaters: Icemen Network

U.S. Figure Skating is extending an invitation for male skaters, ages 10 years and up at the preliminary level and above to participate in a network comprised of only male figure skaters called “Icemen Network”. This network will grant you the opportunity to ask some of our elite male skaters questions that you have often wondered about. For example: How do they train? What was their biggest obstacle? How did they deal with pressure at school? When did they begin skating?

This network is a way for boys to learn more about what to expect in their skating career and provide them with an opportunity to build a peer communication network through newsletters, conference calls and other media.

The 2013 Icemen Network will consist of a series of four conference calls occurring between April 2013 and October 2013 at 8:00pm EST, dates TBD

See attached flyer for more details:


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