Team LAFSC brought home a total of 16 medals at the 2012 US Adult Figure Skating Championships held this past week in Bensenville, Illinois April 11-14, 2012, including 5 gold medals: Michael Rubke (1st Championship Masters Intermediate/Novice Men), Wanda Gelsebach (1st Master Ladies Light Entertainment IV-V, Rachel Reynolds (1st Silver Ladies I), and Ashley Roche (1st Adult Gold Ladies Dramatic 1). Several of our skaters had very good states in some highly competetive groups and all our skaters performed admirably and showed great Team LAFSC spirit. Congratulations to all our skaters! Great Job!

Complete Results:
Meaghan Baitel: 10th Gold Ladies I, 7th Gold Ladies Dramatic I and 6th in Gold Ladies Light Entertainment I
Vicki Busch: 7th Bronze Ladies Dramatic IV and 10th Bronze Ladies IV (Vicki’s first AN!)
Gary Correa: 4th Bronze Men Dramatic IV and 8th Bronze Men IV
Michael Cruz: 4th Gold Men III, 3rd Gold Men Dramatic III and 3rd Gold Men Light Ent. I, III, IV
Wanda Gelsebach: 1st Master Ladies Light Entertainment IV-V, 7th Master Ladies Dramatic IV-V, 10th Adult Gold Ladies IV
Julie Gidlow: 3rd Master Ladies Light Entertainment III and 4th Master Ladies Dramatic III
Kelly Morr: 13th Gold Ladies I
Keith Newcombe: 5th Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men
Rachel Reynolds: 1st Silver Ladies I and 2nd Silver Ladies Light Entertainment I (Rachel’s first AN!)
Michael Rubke: 1st Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men and 3rd Intermediate/Novice Men I-IV
Colette Scott: 6th Silver Ladies IV
Jamie Tanker: 2nd Master Ladies Novice I-II
Sharidan Williams-Sotelo: 1st Silver Ladies Dramatic II, 4th Silver Ladies Light Ent. II and 20th Silver Ladies II.

Some members of Team LAFSC gather after Wanda's Goldfinger program.

Pictured, Colette Scott, Wanda Gelsebach, Rachel Reynolds, Vicki Busch, Denise Moore, Erika Shorr, Michael Cruz, Gary Correa, Sharidan Williams-Sotelo, Trifun Zivanovic, Bobby Beauchamp).

(Julie Gidlow, Michael Rubke and Jamie Tanker gather after Jamie’s freeskate)

Kelly Moor, Ashley Roche and Vicki Busch cheer on fellow skaters at AN and show some team cameraderie.


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