Live blog from the Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships (Saturday) – By Kelly Morr

2:45 PM

Hello again from Utah! I’m feeling giddy – perhaps because I’m done skating and still hyped up on adrenaline (well, that and chocolate, thanks to my tossies.)

The CGLF (Championship Gold Ladies FS) (I like acronyms, what of it?) just concluded. This year, the ever popular event featured a deep field of 15 skaters from San Diego to the Cache Valley of northern Utah, all fighting for four coveted spots to the Championship Round at nationals in Chicago in April. LAFSC member Meaghan Baitel performed a beautiful program with two axels to Rhapsody in Blue. The other LAFSC member in the event, Kelly Morr (hey, that’s me!) had a few small mistakes (one popped alex and a fall out of the final spin) but had a great time and performed the crap out of her Where the Wild Things Are program (not that I’m biased or anything…)

Meaghan Baitel rhapsody-ing in blue (photo courtesy Caryn Baitel):

Meaghan Baitel rhapsody-ing in blue

LAFSC and AYFSC skaters cheering others on (photo courtesy Caryn Baitel):


The view from the rink

(above: the view from the rink; photo courtesy Caryn Baitel)

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