Live blog from the Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships (Friday) – By Kelly Morr

This weekend a half dozen or so of LAFSC’s finest (and bravest) adult skaters have taken off for Provo, Utah, to compete in this year’s Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships. The will battle for glory with blades, sequins, and the more-than-occasional tossie, and I will be covering as much of the event as I can. Check back on this post regularly for results, photos, and other insights.

7:10 PM

Just watched LAFSCers Michael Rubke and Keith Newcombe skate amazing programs in the Championship Intermediate/Novice Men’s division. Results won’t be known for a while, but I anticipate both of them will be smiling for the rest of the evening.

I am jealous of Michael’s sit spins:


Michael Rubke has epic sit spins



Keith executes a perfect double salchow in the final 30 seconds of his program:

Keith executes a perfect double salchow in the final 30 seconds of his program


Following up on earlier events, Jamie Tanker finished in 5th place in the hotly contested Championship Int/Nov Ladies event, just 0.53 points off of the podium!

In Gold Ladies IV, always upbeat Wanda Gelsebach finished in 3rd.

In all, it’s been a very fun, well-run day of competition. And now, I get to go lace up my skates and step on the ice for the first time for practice. Eep! I guess this is really happening.

4:30 PM

Adult Gold lady Meaghan Baitel got us started strong with a freeskate that placed her first in the Gold Ladies I category. Can’t ask for a better start than that! L.A. is gunna rock this house!

As I was typing this, LAFSC member Jamie Tanker skated a lovely Int/Novice freeskate:

Jamie Tanker in the air on a double loop

3:00 PM

Just arrived at the rink to find they are running – to my shock and amazement – about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, this means I missed the event I wanted to see, but I was able to take in the beauty of the Peaks FSC rink.  They really are lucky to have such an amazing facility:

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