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Keauna McLaughlin Qualifies for Grand Prix Final! (12/13/2007)

Congratulations to LAFSC member Keauna McLaughlin who, with Pairs partner Rockne Brubaker, has qualified for the Grand Prix Final.  The GP Final is taking place from Dec. 13th  – 16th in Torino, Italy.  Last year’s Junior Grand Prix Final champions, Keauna and Rockne, in their first season of senior competition, secured a spot in the Grand Prix Final on the strength of their silver medals at both Cup of China and NHK Trophy competitions.   We are all rooting for you!


Results from U.S. Junior National Figure Skating Championships (12/8/2007)

Nov. 26 – Dec. 1       Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to all our Junior Nationals Competitors!   You have been wonderful representatives of the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club this season, and we are all very proud of you.

Intermediate Ladies Final Round SP FS
7 Katarina Kulgeyko  7
11 Margaret Stevenson 10  12
Intermediate Ladies Qualifying Round Group C
6 Katarina Kulgeyko
Intermediate Ladies Qualifying Round Group B
2 Margaret Stevenson
Intermediate Men Final Round SP FS
5 Dustin Perini 6
Intermediate Men Qualifying Round Group A
4 Dustin Perini
Intermediate Pairs
5 Brigitte Alanis and Chad Phillips
Juvenile Boys Qualifying Round Group A
3 Daniel Samohin
Juvenile Boys Qualifying Round Group B
5 Shotaro Omori
Juvenile Pairs Final Round
5  Brook Johnson and Brooks Ishler
Juvenile Pairs Qualifying round Group A
9 Rachel Trail and Darian Weiss
Juvenile Pairs Qualifying Round Group B
5 Brooke Johnson and Brooks Ishler

ON TO NATIONALS!!!! (11/27/2007)

Congratulations to all eleven of the LAFSC skaters who performed so well at Pacific Coast!  Your Club is very proud of you!  (Results for LAFSC members are listed below.)

Six skaters will advance to the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships and join teammates Themi Leftheris (Senior Pairs with Naomi Nari Nam) and Keauna McLaughlin (Senior Pairs with Rockne Brubaker) in St. Paul, Minnesota from January 20-27th.  Those skaters are:  Alex Merritt (Senior Pairs), Arielle Trujillo (Junior Pairs), Galvani Hopson (Novice Pairs), David Sparks (Novice Pairs), Victoria Hecht (Novice Ladies) and Hayley SooHoo (Novice Ice Dance).

The Juvenile Pairs team of Brooke Johnson and Brooks Ishler will advance to the U.S. Junior National Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 26th  – December 1st.  They will join the rest of the LAFSC Junior Nationals team:  Rachel Trail and Darian Weiss (Juvenile Pairs), Daniel Samohin and Shotaro Omori (both Juvenile Boys), Katarina Kulgeyko and Margaret Stevenson (both Intermediate Ladies), Dustin Perini (Intermediate Men) and Chad Phillips and Brigitte Alanis (Intermediate Pairs).


NOV. 13 – 17, 2007           SAN DIEGO, CA

Senior Pairs

Alex Merritt with Katie Beriau

Short Program:  2nd

Long Program:  2nd

Final Standing:  2nd

Junior Men

Stanislav Samohin

Short Program:  4th

Long Program:  6th

Final Standing:  5th


Junior Pairs

Arielle Trujillo with Daniyel Cohen

Short Program:  4th

Long Program:  4th

Final Standing:  4th


Novice Ladies

Victoria Hecht

Short Program:  2nd

Long Program:  1st

Final Standing:  1st



Deanna Inn

Short Program:  5th

Long Program:  6th

Final Standing:  5th


Novice Men

Chad Phillips

Short Program:  5th

Long Program:  9th

Final Standing:  8th


Novice Ice Dance

Hayley SooHoo with Brett Ryan

Compulsory Dance 1: 5th

Compulsory Dance 2: 2nd

Freedance:                   4th

Final Standing:  4th


Novice Pairs

David Sparks with Tori Vollmer

Short Program:  3rd

Long Program:  3rd

Final Standing:  3rd


Galvani Hopson with Kloe Bautista

Short Program:  1st

Long Program:  1st

Final Standing:  1st


Juvenile Pairs

Brooke Johnson and Brooks Ishler:       2nd




Congratulations are in order for Keauna McLaughlin (11/11/2007)

She won a silver medal in her first ever Sr. Grand Prix event at the Cup of China in Harbin.  They placed second behind Pang & Tong.


1 Qing PANG / Jian TONG CHN 176.75 1 1
2 Keauna McLAUGHLIN / Rockne BRUBAKER USA 154.66 2 2
3 Jessica MILLER / Ian MORAM CAN 137.3 3 3.

LAFSC Icetravaganza (10/20/2007)

The Los Angeles Figure Skating Club’s 2007 Icetravaganza will be held on December 16, 2007 at Pickwick Ice Center. 

Seeking talented adults such as yourself for positions in:

Registration/Check-in – preferably someone who doesn’t have a child in the event and doesn’t need to see the show (someone who can stay at the table to check in late participants).

Box Office – preferably someone who doesn’t have a child in the event and doesn’t need to see the show (someone who can stay at the box office to cover late arrivals).

Hospitality – organize food donations for the skaters; set-up and clean-up room.

Bake Sale – organize food donations for sale at the event.

Please contact Lynn Bender at (818) 248-1264 or (818) 726-1994 if you are interested in any of the job opportunities listed above. The LAFSC needs your help to make Icetravaganza a success!

Report From Southwest Pacific Regional Championships (10/7/2007)


The Intermediate Ladies Qualifying Round is traditionally one of the longest events at Regionals and always features some exciting skating.  LAFSC was well-represented with three of our skaters – Margaret Stevenson, Rebecca Phung and Katarina Kulgeyko — making it to final round.


Intermediate Ladies A:Margaret Stevenson 1st  and Sina Choe 5th


Intermediate Ladies B:  Rebecca Phung 3rd, Olivia Ouyang 11th and Stephanie Peterson 13th


Intermediate Ladies C:  Hayley Donaldson 6th


Intermediate Ladies D:  Katarina Kulgeyko 1st  and Savannah Matlow 11th


Both of our entries in the Junior Ladies performed well in the Final Round Short Program and remained in the running by staying in the top half of the standings.

Angelyn Nguyen 3rd

Nina Lam 7th


There is no Final Round in Senior Ladies this year.  In the short program, Kristy Evans was 6th and Alicia Leslie was 13th.




Intermediate Men Short Program

Dustin Perini 2nd

Devin Perini 5th


Intermediate Ladies Final Round SP

Katarina Kulgeyko       1st

Margaret Stevenson      2nd

Rebecca Phung 11th


Novice Men FS

Chad Phillips 3rd  and 3rd overall.


Junior Ladies Final Round FS:  Both Angelyn Nguyen and Nina Lam retained their top-half standings with Angelyn Nguyen getting 6th in the freeskate and narrowly missing a trip to Sectionals with a 5th place finish overall.  Nina Lam matched her short program result with a 7th place finish in the freeskate and 7th overall.


Senior Ladies FS:  Kristy Evans was 6th in the freeskate and 6th overall.  Alicia Leslie was 12th and 12th overall




The Juvenile Boys had to wait a long time before skating their one and only performance, but it was worth the wait!  LAFSC members Daniel Samohin and Shotaro Omori finished 1st and 2nd respectively.


Juvenile Girls Final FS:  The Juvenile Girls got their second chance to perform on the last day of Regionals.  Katherine Gorodetsky was 6th, Brenda Ji  was 13th and Shayanne Casapao finishied 16th.


Intermediate Men FS:  Dustin Perini was 1st in the freeskate and 1st overall.  Brother Devin Perini got 5th in the freeskate and 6th overall


Intermediate Ladies Final Round FS:  Katarina Kulgeyko led the field with a 1st in the freeskate and 1st overall.  Margaret Stevenson also medaled, getting 4th  in the freeskate and 3rd overall.  Our third finalist, Rebecca Phung, was 14th in the freeskate and 13th overall.


LAFSC members made a very strong showing at Regionals, and we are very proud of all of our skaters!!!  Congratulations!!!


Qualifying for a trip to Salt Lake City for Junior Nationals are:


Juvenile Boys:  Daniel Samohin and Shotaro Omori.

Intermediate Men:  Dustin Perini.

Intermediate Ladies:  Katarina Kulgeyko and Margaret Stevenson.


They will be joined by LAFSC Intermediate Pairs skaters Brigitte Alanis and Chad Phillips and Juvenile Pairs teams of Brooke Johnson and Brooks Ishler, and  Rachel Trail and Darian Weiss.


Several skaters will move on to the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships in San Diego:


Novice Men:  Chad Phillips

Junior Men:  Stanislav Samohin

Novice Ladies:  Victoria Hecht and Deanna Inn


They will be joined by LAFSC Novice Ice Dancer Hayley SooHoo (with partner Brett Ryan); Novice Pairs skaters Galvani Hopson (with partner Kloe Bautista) and David Sparks (with partner Tori Vollmer); and Junior Pairs skater Arielle Trujillo (with partner Daniyel Cohen).




Report From Southwest Pacific Regional Championships (10/5/2007)


The Juvenile event at SWP is always exciting as most of the skaters are competing at their first-ever qualifying competition.  LAFSC was well represented at the Juvenile level, and 3 of our skaters from Group B – Katharine Gorodetsky, Shayanne Casapao and Brenda Ji —  advance to the final round.

Juvenile A:  Valeria Flores was 7th, Katelyn Brewer 17th

Juvenile B:  Katharine Gorodetsky 2nd

Shayanne Casapao 3rd

Brenda Ji 4th

Lauren Campbell 5th

Hannah Wallace  7th

Jamila Barranda  10th


Juvenile C:  Cristina Wong   7th

Kyra Berger   18th


There is no final round in the men’s events this year, but Chad Phillips and Stanislav Samohin performed well and are positioned to medal with a good freeskate on Saturday.


Junior Men Short Program:  Stanislav Samohin 5th


Novice Men Short Program:  Chad Phillips 3rd


The Novice Ladies final round began with the short program.  The talent in Novice is very deep, and only 7 points separate first and eighth places.   Again, several of our skaters can move up with a great freeskate.


Novice Ladies Final Round Short Program:

Victoria Hecht 1st

Ashlynne Ragasa 7th

Deanna Inn 8th

China Loza   10th

Vanessa Lam 11th

Teresa Liang   13th

Arielle Trujillo 14th


Report From Southwest Pacific Regional Championships (10/4/2007)


Today was devoted to 3 groups of Open Juvenile skaters.  LAFSC had 3 representatives in this event.  Meaghan Baitel was 13th in Group A, Mandee McFerren was 5th in Group B, and Winifred Lee was 16thin Group C.



LAFSC’s skaters made a strong showing in the initial round of the Novice Ladies event at SWP.

  • Group A:   Victoria Hecht was 1st.  Deanna Inn was 2nd.
  • Group B: Vanessa Lam was 2nd, Ashlynne Ragasa was 3rd, and China Loza was 4th.  K. Leigh Furzer finished 15th and Vanessa Balao followed with 16th.
  • Group C: Teresa Liang was 4th, and Arielle Trujillo was 5th, Krystal Davis was 8th, Brigitte Alanis was 9th, Selina Amranyan was 12th, and Sarah Trunzo was 17th.
  • For Novice Ladies, the top five from each group go to the final round.  So, 7 of the 15 skaters in the Novice Ladies final round will be from LAFSC!

Junior Ladies Group 1B was won by Angelyn Nguyen.   By the way, she got the high score from both groups!  Nina Lam got fifth.  So, we have two going to final round in Juniors.  Lauryn Lesovsky had a good showing in this tough group, finishing 10th.


In this first day alone of qualifying competition, we had 9 competitors make final round.  There were only 27 spots for final round, and we grabbed 1/3 of them.


Congratulations to the following LAFSC skaters who dominated at Golden West this year!  (9/7/2007)

Katja Gorodetsky who won Juvenile Girls Final
Margaret Stevenson who won Intermediate Ladies Final
David Sparks who won Novice Pairs
Alex Merritt who won Senior Pairs
A special congrats also to Victoria Hecht and Deanna Inn, both of whom won their respective initial rounds in Novice Ladies.
Congratulations to all of you!!

Developmental International -BC/YT SummerSkate (9/6/2007)

Congratulations to Victoria Hecht who won the Novice Ladies short program and freeskate at the Developmental International – BC/YT SummerSkate in Burnaby, British Columbia.  We are so proud of you!

Southwest Pacific Program Portraits Available from Joanne Funakoshi (8/24/2007)

It’s that time of the year again!  Joanne Funakoshi will be available to take portraits for submission for the Southwest Pacific Regional (as well as Pacific Coast Sectional and U.S. Junior Nationals) Program.

Joanne will be at Culver Ice Arena on Wednesday, August 29th from 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ONLY.   This is the day that official practice ice for Golden West is scheduled.  You must call Joanne ahead of time for an appointment.  You can reach her at (323)462-7406. Again, this is a ONE DAY ONLY opportunity.

The process is as follows:

  • Joanne will take multiple photographs of you.
  • She will then print a proof sheet for you.
  • You choose the shot you want to use.
  • You must tell Joanne which shot you want to use right then and there – before you leave Culver Ice Arena on Wednesday the 29th.
  • Joanne will submit the photo to the appropriate person electronically for you.  (All submissions must be electronically transmitted).

The cost is $32.  Should you wish to order prints of any of the photos, you may do so at additional cost.

Silicon Valley and National Showcase Results (8/20/2007)

Eva Heinmann finished second in Sr. Duet Finals at Nat’l Showcase with her partner from Channel Islands. Jane Park was first in Int. Dramatic, Cristina Wong was first in Juv. Dramatic, and fifth in Juv. light, and was first in the Parade of Junior Champions.   Katherine Strait was 8th in Teen Dramatic Final, and Third in Teen Dramatic Group A, she was also sixth in Teen Light Final and Third in Teen Dramatic Group A.
At Silicon Valley:
Katja Gorodetsky -1st
Preliminary Girls FS Group A – Elizabeth Westerlund – 5th
Pre-Preliminary 1 Boys FS  – Patrick Leahy – 1st
Pre-Preliminary 3 Girls FS – Madeleine Frey – 1st
Juvenile Girls FS Grp A – Katia Gorodetsky – 1st; 2nd in FR
Novice Ladies Grp A – China Loza – 2nd; 3rd in FR
Novice Ladies Grp B – Paulina Pinsky – 6th; 5th in FR
Novice Pairs – David Sparks/Tori Volmer – 2nd
Jr Ladies – Angelyn Nguyen – 2nd


Critique for Southwest Pacific Regionals (8/1/2007)

We are having our annual Southwest Pacific Regionals Critique for all LAFSC Home Club Members on August 21, 2007, at 6:15 p.m. at Pickwick Ice Arena.

Please read the attached document for information regarding LAFSC Competition Team Club Jackets.
Good luck and skate great at your competitions this year!
P.S.:    We will schedule a separate critique for our adult competitive skaters who are participating in the 2008 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals and/or Adult Nationals most likely in January or February of 2008.  We will keep you advised when the final date and time is scheduled for the Adult Critique.  Stay tuned!


Corrections to LA Open Results (8/1/2007)

Some missing ISU judged results have been added.

Results for 2007 LA Open (7/16/2007)


REMINDER!  LA Open Championships will be held July 13-15 at Pickwick.  (7/10/2007)

We are offering FREE seminars to all skaters, coaches, parents, and officials.  The seminars will address IJS and Sport Science issues.  All seminars will be on Saturday – please look at the flyer below for more information.  We can’t wait to see you all there!


2007 Showcase Results Revised (6/11/1007)


2007 Showcase Results (6/10/2007)


Please Note Change In Showcase Schedule, Group (6/7/2007)

The adults are now split into 2 levels (Adult 1 & 2).  Intm.Adult Character has been removed


California Championship Results (5/22/2007)

Click Here To View Results


ISJ Rules Change (5/17/2007)

*ATTENTION COACHES AND SKATERS!**  The IJS Rules have changed, effective June 10, 2007.  The features for levels have changed significantly as have the scale of value numbers.

On May 7, 2007, the ISU issued Communication No. 1445 pertaining to Single and Pair Skating.  The U.S. Figure Skating Technical Group has agreed that these changes will take effect at all domestic non-qualifying events on or after June 10, 2007.  For more details, see ISU Communication No. 1445 for Singles & Pair Skating.

LAFSC Member Capture Special Trophies (5/17/2007)

Arielle Trujillo won the Livingston Artistic Award for the most outstanding artistic performance by a skater entered in Juvenile and above Free Skating events at South Bay Competition on May 12-13, 2007.

At the Tri-Valley FSC Showcase competition in April, Rene Velasquez won the Richared Dwyer Trophy for the best extemporaneous performance;   Hayley SooHoo and Krystal Davis captured the Tai Babilonia Trophy for the best duet performance.

Our Adult Skaters Do LAFSC Proud At Adult National (5/8/2007)

Congratulations to the following LAFSC adult skaters who recently competed at the U.S. Adult National Championships in Bensenville, Illinois.  It’s great to see the Club so well-represented at this prestigious event!

Interpretive Events:
Adult Interpretive Ladies III: Light Entertainment – Comedy
9– Joan Bys

Adult Interpretive Ladies IV Group A: Light Entertainment – Comedy
7–Allison Brooker

Adult Interpretive Men III: Artistic/Dramatic
3–Michael Cruz

Masters Interpretive Ladies III: Light Entertainment – Comedy
11–Patty Poddig

Freeskating Events:
Championship Master Ladies
4–Amber Van Wyk

Gold Ladies III
11–Patty Poddig

Gold Ladies III B (QR)
3– Patty Poddig
10– Rebecca Basch Hendren

Silver Ladies IV(FR)
10–Wanda Gelsebach

Silver Ladies IV B (QR)
5–Wanda Gelsebach

Adult Bronze Ladies III B (QR)
10– Joan Bys

Adult Bronze Men I/II
4–Mark Arteaga

Los Angeles Ice Theater wins gold in France (4/21/2007)

Congratulations to our LAFSC Los Angeles Ice Theater team who recently won gold at the Asnieres Cup in Paris, France with their “Haunted Mansion” program.  Read about the experience at Nationals.

Congratulations to all of our LAFSC skaters who participated in Adult Sectionals. We are so proud of each and every one of you! (3/20/2007)

Pre-Bronze Men – Tas Steiner – 1st Place
Adult Bronze Ladies III – Shoko Tokuda – 2nd Place
Adult Bronze Ladies II- Joan Bys – 3rd Place
Adult Bronze Men – Mark Arteaga – 2nd Place
Adult Silver Ladies II – Sharidan Sotelo-Williams – 4th Place
Adult Silver Ladies IV – Wanda Geselbach – 1st Place
Adult Gold Ladies I & III – Patty Poddig – 4th Place
Championship Gold Ladies – Patty Poddig – 7th Place
Championship Master Ladies – Amber Van Wyk – 2nd Place
Master Novice Ladies – Ileana Delfaus-Benish – 1st Place
Adult Ladies Interpretive Light – Joan Bys – 3rd Place
Master Interpretive Ladies Light II-III, Patty Poddig – 3rd Place
Master Ladies Interpretive Dramatic I& III – Ileana Delfaus-Benish – 6th Place
Preliminary Solo Dance – Joan Bys – 1st Place.

Frank Carroll Elected to World Figure Skating Hall of Fame (3/11/2007)

Frank Carroll, a LAFSC Life Member, was elected to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. The announcement was made on March 6 by World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame President Jan Serafine. Carroll will be inducted during the 2007 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo, Japan

Congratulations to Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker (3/11/2007)
LAFSC is proud to congratulate our newest Junior World Pair Champions – Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker. They have had a record season winning every event they entered, including the Junior Grand Prix Series, the Junior Grand Prix Final, U.S. Nationals, and now Junior Worlds. Congratulates on an amazing season!! Thanks for choosing LAFSC as your home club!


LAFSC Annual Meeting (2/11/2007)
REMINDER: The LAFSC ANNUAL MEETING will be held on February 24, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. in the Riverside Room at Pickwick. The entrance is near the bowling alley. Come watch as your fellow club members get their well-deserved gold medals and other awards. Light refreshments will be served. And remember that after the meeting, the LAFSC Junior Council is holding a bowling party. Make sure to come and be a part of the fun!

Congratulations to our National competitors (2/10/2007)
Congratulations to our National competitors who skated great and made us so proud! Themi Leftheris, with partner Naomi Nam, placed third in Championship Pairs earning them a spot on the Four Continents team. Keauna McLaughlin, with partner Rockne Brubaker, were heads and shoulders above the rest in Junior Pairs earning the gold medal and earning a spot on the Junior World Team. Marisa Sharma, with partner Ethan Burgess, earned twelfth in Championship Pairs followed closely by club-mate Alex Merritt, with partner Kate Beriau, who placed thirteenth. In Junior Dance, it was clear that Jessica Perino, with partner William Avila, had a blast as they placed twelfth at their first Nationals. In Novice Pairs, Tiffany and Christopher Nahm placed eighth at their debut at U.S. Nationals. Galvani Hopson, with his partner Kloe Bautista, skated great and placed tenth followed by David Sparks, with partner Tori Vollmer, who placed eleventh. Last, and certainly not least, Victoria Hecht sparkled at her first Nationals placing eighth in Novice Ladies. What a terrific Nationals for LAFSC. Everyone skated great, had fun, and, as always, made us proud.

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